Things I could change in my i-mate

It’s been more than a year now since I have been using the i-mate JAM. I love this phone and I have been a very "happy satisfied user". But there are certain glitches or features missing which I wish could have been changed.

  1. If you assign a particular tune to a contact in your address book and your phone is set to vibrate, it won’t ring or vibrate.
  2. imate_jamIcons of some uninstalled programs don’t seem to disappear from the Programs area.
  3. Contacts will display name in the "Last Name, First Name" format. You can’t change it to "First Name, Last Name" format.
  4. This is service provider specific. But for some strange freaking reason Vodafone in India does not support MMS on this "type" of phone.
  5. And of course, the camera sucks big time.

I believe the new versions from i-mate may have improvised on these. Meanwhile let me know what’s that annoying bit about your phone.