Access files & programs quickly

I am sharing two applications which I think can be great tools on the desktop.

This is a little hidden bar at the top or bottom of your screen which when triggered gives you a complete menu of application/folder icons to quickly access them without having to bother going to the Start> All Programs area. Like most of the programs you can customize the icons and also configure the size and effects for the Dock. I also like the look and feel, gives you a very Apple Mac feel in it.


Visit the ObjectDock website.

This is a bit of a geeky tool to have. It’s a command based utility which lets you access applications, files and even browser bookmarks. Actually just about anything can be accessed as long as you configure it right. I haven’t been a very heavy user but it helps to have it activated on the machine.


Go ahead and figure out how you can make your computing easy. Visit Launchy’s website.

What’s on your machine which makes computing an easy task? Share it in the comments area.


3 thoughts on “Access files & programs quickly

  1. I prefer Launchy 🙂 The upcoming release has even more goodies…

    ObjectDock was eyecandy, but too memory-intensive 😦

  2. Four years later, AvaFind still 0wnz any other app out there for finding files quickly. I’ll stop using computers the day AvaFind stops working without an alternative on a new version of Windows.

  3. Hmm.. I prefer QuickSilver on the Mac. After using it for 4 months, I have got so used to it that even when I am on Windows, I am pressing the Apple+Space combination to bring up QuickSilver.

    These apps (Launchy / QS) are just too good. If you are not using them, you are losing something 🙂

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