Throwback Thursday – The Family’s Answering Machine

Dinner time conversations at our home are always interesting. We either discuss the future of the family or then get nostalgic remembering moments from the past.

This week one of the conversations was about the dear old Answering Machine we owned many years ago. At a time when mobile phones weren’t so common. Now that we look back, the machine was like a family What’s App.

answering machine

As kids we would get home and rush to see how many NEW messages on the machine. We would then take turns on who would play the messages for that day. Because the messages recorded were most often hilarious and fun, we would all gather around to hear it play.

Dad’s dear friend would leave such long messages he would almost exhaust the tape’s recording time. While some would call and you could hear them say – “Oh there is some machine talking and it says they are not at home. What to do?”

Grand mom left the best messages. In her calm soothing voice letting us know that she called to say hello and check upon us. She wouldn’t forget to give us an important family gossip if we missed out on the big news while away from the only telephone connection the family owned.

There was a lovely charm of sitting close to the machine as a family and getting in all the messages. Na. The What’s App groups aren’t the same fun.

photo credit: jypsygen via photopin cc