Book Review: Eat My Globe by Simon Majumdar

Can you imagine taking on the mission of traveling across the globe to try, eat till your stomach hurts and then share the experience through a book. Envy? Completely.

That’s what Simon Majumdar does in his book Eat My Globe: One man’s search for the best food in the world. He explores the many cuisines across the world. Simon is not a chef so food is described in simple words and doesn’t get lost in the science of its ingredients. The author visits many cities and because he is on a slim budget we get to read about his adventures eating in street corners, local homes and shacks.

eat-my-globeIt’s lovely to see how food becomes a medium for the author to connect with people, make new friends and travel the world.

There is of course a chapter devoted to Mumbai and he talks about Vithal Bhel, Pav Bhaji and Bade Miyan.

A handy list at the end of the book puts down in summary – The best and the worst. Dog meat in China – Not Recommended. Mutton Roll at Bade Miyan – yes very much.

A book not to be read on hungry stomach. May get a little nauseating so read it in breaks.
Author regrets that there is only 1 stomach and only so much can go into it. Don’t we all feel like that when enjoying good food.

Food as a subject is of great interest to me and this book has been a good read.


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  1. Hmm .. I picked it up last year at a bookshop in Mumbai. Its listed on I think so you can pick up a copy for yourself. This book really does give you a taste of foods from around the globe.

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