Stand-up Comedy at Canvas Laugh Factory

Friday evening was spent at the Canvas Laugh Factory. A first for me and I’ve come back impressed. A good set of artists and some hilarious scripting.

It was fun to see Rohan Joshi (@mojorojo). I’ve followed him & Kunal Rao on twitter for a bit now and wanted to see them on-stage. Unfortunately Kunal wasn’t performing that evening -so I’ll have to go back some day. The joke subjects were the predictable set – Indian customs, traditions, religion, food habits, Bollywood and of course the¬†government. And then how could we forget married life – Wife and I got picked on this by the host of the evening – Bru Bhakta. We were left off easy unlike some of the other members of the audience who got some really good round of grilling by the artists. The interaction with the audience is fun and if they find an easy target, they make him/her the subject of many jokes through the evening. If you are the shy sorts, AVOID the first few rows and find yourself a safe back seat.

canvas laugh factoryI admire how the artist or their script writers spend good amount of time observing the simple daily activities of us humans and turn them into hilarious scenarios. Some of the jokes can be cruel and you need a good sense of humour to walk out without having felt offended.

If you are in Mumbai and haven’t seen this yet, I strongly suggest you skip the next Bollywood masala flick and instead go watch this entertainment. I am surely going back soon.