Make your everyday commute productive

If you live in a big city chances are you spend a lot of time on the road traveling across for work or other social commitments. Here are some ways I use to make my time productive.

That’s one of the best ways I make use of my travel time. If a physical book is not handy a short article on my phone with apps like Pocket or Medium. Reading in a moving vehicle can sometimes strain your eyes, so choose wisely.

Lately I’ve been trying to write on what’s on my mind or drafts for my blog. You can even draw if you want to practice the skill. The idea is to ensure that you are capturing your thoughts.

make the most of your travel

Mobile devices are powerful these days. Personally, full length movies are not suitable but I do try and watch episodes of my favourite TV shows.

Music helps me keep the energy levels high and mood upbeat. I always make sure my favourite music is handy. Not the most pleasant way to enjoy it, but better than not having heard those tracks for a long time. Audio books & podcasts are also a good thing to try.

Making the most of the free time is key. I plan my day’s agenda. Capture the tasks. Scribble thoughts for the client proposal.

If I am stuck in traffic, I call a friend and catch up. Even make plans for the weekend. Sometimes I give a surprise call to the old granny who misses me all the time.

Yes, somedays I decide to do just nothing. I try and relax the mind – think about life’s happy moments, observe people around me and let the breeze hit my face.

How do you spend your time when traveling? Leave your thoughts in the comments area.

photo credit: 27147 via photopin cc