10 social networks where I am active

This January I completed 7 years on Twitter. It’s been a wonderful experience connecting with some interesting people and helps keep track on subjects which matter to me.

For the last few years social media channels & digital innovations have become part of my work, which only means I need to keep abreast and also get my hands on experience with most of these platforms. Some I like and continue using. My objective is to be able to use the channel to effectively share content in an interactive manner with my circle & beyond. Be it a long article, an idea or a snapshot.

social media channels

Here are some of the social networks where I am fairly active. If we are not already connected, I invite you to join me there.

Khana Peena (My food blog) – Besides this personal blog I also try and write about my foodie adventures which include restaurant reviews, home cooked meals and interesting food articles I read online.

Twitter – 140 characters to share life’s observations, thoughts & sometimes even the rumbling. Also helps get quick answers / recommendations when Google doesn’t prove very helpful.

LinkedIn – The professional network where I seek help, opinions & connections. Always happy to give back the same. Great way to stay in touch with colleagues & work partners.

Instagram – A space to share my “iPhonegraphy” experiments.

Flickr – The more serious space for photography. Photos which don’t fit the Instagram environment go on to Flickr.

Tumblr – A scrap pad as I call it. Things which don’t qualify a full blog post go here.

Google+ – Not the Facebook or twitter popularity. But have a found few hacks on how to share photographs privately with my extended family. I also follow a few photography circles where I get to see some inspiring work.

Quora – One site which I think I could use more actively but don’t. Have made a few contributions and always enjoyed reading some of the random conversations around there.

Pinterest – This was a visual delight I spent quite some time in the early stage trying to make some beautiful boards. Soon I got bored and now do random posts there. Not so active.

Facebook – I’ve been very particular & choosy about who becomes a friend here. Its my private space which I share only with good friends & family. Some of my updates are public posts which can be seen here.

photo credit: Jason A. Howie via photopin cc