Letternote is my new diary

For a couple of years now my objective has been to lead a paperless digital lifestyle. So any document which isn’t required by the law or my employers gets scanned and the paper is dumped. In many cases I even avoid creating paper copies if possible.

But there is yet a part of me which loves those beautiful diaries, notepads and smart pens. It started with people gifting me diaries and it soon became a hobby collecting such writing material every time I traveled or visited new stationery shops.


Last year on my trip to Delhi I visited the Letternote store and picked up a diary from their collection. The finish is a bit rough and I suspect it will not be able to handle the rough use my diaries typically go through. The paper quality inside is good for quick scribbles and most of my gel pens haven’t leaked through the pages. For Rs.125 I am happy with the buy.