5 tools to boost your productivity

Fifteen days into 2014. Let me share 5 tools to help boost your productivity and make this your best year.


This is my biggest recommendation for anybody who is collecting lots of data pieces and needs it all to be organised in one place. A very useful tool to keep important information handy at all times. It has multi-device accessibility and a powerful search function. Read more on how I use Evernote.

If you think Evernote is too complex, use Simplenote. A lot more useful than leaving information in multiple notepads / Word files and then not having access to them when away from your computer.

Using multiple computers? Need data accessible all the time? Want a backup option which is more reliable than your external hard disk. Use Dropbox. Store your files on their server. Get access to it from anywhere (including mobile). And also let’s you easily share the stored files with others.

I am a big fan of Todo tools. Over the last few years I have experimented with a couple of managers and finally seem to have settled with Wunderlist. I love the the list feature, so besides my tasks I also use it to manage lists of movies & books I want to consume.

That means “If This Then That”. Let’s you automate triggers for various apps / services online. For example one of my favourite recipe – All photos uploaded to Instagram also get backed up in a folder on my Drobox. Cool na? Go see what else can you do.

Got a favourite tool or online service you want to share with me. Leave a comment.