How I use Evernote

Evernote is a wonderful productivity tool. In this post, I share with you how Evernote keeps my life a bit more organised.

I won’t bother with the What is Evernote? Go read it online.

My Evernote has 4 top-level Notebook Stacks:

Clients – When I start working with a new client or a project, I start a notebook and put in multiple notes as I go along.

New Business – All potential clients and business opportunities go in here. This is a good place to collect all random notes, web articles about that client which can be used at the time of pitching or the essential pre-read for future meetings.

Work – Everything which is not related to a specific client gets filed here. Interesting statistics, case-studies, articles which I may want to refer at some later time.

Personal – Blog post drafts, scanned copies of important documents go in here.

How do I use it?

Evernote is always a minimized window on the laptop. If I see something interesting online or an email which can is good material for a presentation or client brief, goes directly to the appropriate Notebook.

Evernote is used to file meeting notes so that I don’t have to bother with multiple Word files or Emails sent by the client servicing team. And if I don’t happen to take notes, the minutes which come in are filed in the respective client notebook.

When brainstorming I prefer pen and paper. After I am done sketching, I run to the scanner and email a copy to my Evernote account. So no worries about not finding that paper when you really need it. Also a copy on the laptop means I can review it at home or at the client’s office.

At regular intervals, I collect all the new business cards I exchange at various meetings. Put them on the scanner’s flatbed and email a JPEG to Evernote. Because Evernote can read all text on the images, searching for that contact becomes much easier.

Blog post ideas are also put into Evernote. I just put in random lines, web articles which probably I want to explore later for a post. This way, I can work on them offline and not depend on the drafts at WordPress.

Personal documents like house rent receipts, car insurance papers and others are always scanned and put into a notebook. So I have access to them online even if I am away from the laptop.

All wine bottle labels are photographed and emailed to Evernote. So if you want to know a wine I may have enjoyed recently – Ask me and I’ll show you what it looked like.

Evernote Tools

Typically I use the Evernote on my Macbook, the Chrome Web Clipper, Direct Email to Evernote. I have the Blackberry Evernote App installed, but never managed to really make much use of it.

Like most other services online, Evernote too has a free version which you can start using right away. If you cross the monthly usage, you can get yourself a Premium Account. I’ve been an active user for the last 6 months and haven’t felt the need for it yet.

If you’re already an Evernote user, do share some of the tips of how you are using this tool. Leave a note in the comments area.


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