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How are you picking the winning ideas?

Over the weekend, I read yet another article about Steve Jobs. And it wasn’t any different from the many others written since the man departed. It spoke about Apple’s future after the legend’s death.

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I am sorry I can’t find the link but what caught my attention was this:

Steve Jobs had created a team of fabulously talented people to empower Apple’s product development. He was always getting new product ideas. And it’s said that more than his own set of ideas which have given us great Apple products, Steve was also known for his ability to pick a winning idea. He discarded the idea to develop a tablet and instead choose to work on a phone from the Apple team which went on to become the iPhone.

This ability to identify a potential killer idea and ensure that it’s got a leader’s full support is a skill and needs confidence & perseverance. How do you recognise which one’s got it?

As the lead digital strategist I am encountering a lot of thoughts from the young energetic team. Streamlining their ideas and ensuring a feasibility with some amount of experimentation is a new learning curve for me.

How do you manage your thought process? Or the big set of ideas which your teams keep throwing at you? Would love to hear your best practice for idea filtration. Let’s put them in the comments area.


One thought on “How are you picking the winning ideas?

  1. My thought
    1 you hv to have good understanding of market
    2 ur instinct /. Gutfeel will tell u there is something on for an x idea
    3 think and talk to colleagues
    4 jump in

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