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Can social media predict the fate of films at the box-office ?

This morning I picked up an article from my twitter timeline.

Google Says It Can Predict Which Films Will Be Huge Box-Office Hits
In a study called “Quantifying Movie Magic with Google Search,” Google says searches for movie trailers a month prior to a film release help predict opening weekend sales.

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Not sure if search is the right indication. Yes, I maybe curious to know about a new release, I would want to see the trailer but does that give Google enough sentiment about my view on the movie. I may check multiple sources before I decide to watch a movie but the ultimate decision to watch or having watched will yet be expressed on one of the social networks I am active on.

This makes twitter / foursquare / facebook more reliable when it comes to prediction. Does Google search consider all the data from these networks as a basis of their analysis report?

Can social media help predict fate of films at box office
Can social media help predict the fate of films at box office?


When I read the report it reminded me of an old article (2009) which questions if Twitter was responsible for the failure of Bruno.

I think a sentiment analysis with a combination of Google’s results could paint a more interesting picture on the success/failure possibility of a film.

Can film studios analyse that data and make predictions?

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