To-do for a smarter richer and funnier 2010

The new year party hangover has been tackled. Pics from the crazy night uploaded to facebook. 2010 calendars sit on the desk. Look forward to a smarter, richer and funnier year. Let’s see how.

Read more. [My Shelfari book shelf]

Listen to a new genre of music. Move on from the Hindi film soundtracks and my current list of trance. I don’t know – maybe jazz, piano recitals.

Experience more audio books. I am currently listening to Timothy Ferris – The 4-hour Workweek

Watch/appreciate cinema beyond the block-busters. Also catch up on my pending list of photography related talk-shows and documentaries.

Travel more. See, soak and enjoy new environments.

Exercise the brain – probably start solving Sodoku, play poker.

Re-enter the kitchen – haven’t done this in a while but I know it’s fun and I love it.

Rise and shine earlier in the day. A continuous effort.

Get better at money management. Identify right channels and invest wisely & regularly.

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And of course do share your thoughts in the comments area on how you plan to make 2010 a great year.