Monday Mumble: Test-drive white good appliances

Thinking of buying a new gadget or white good appliance for the house? In all probabilities you will talk to a few friends, visit the store and maybe even check reviews online. Now in the case of a mobile, you might get to touch, feel and experience the phone a bit. But how do you determine if an appliance like refrigerator or a microwave is going to do a good job for your kitchen needs.

What if the appliance brand or store gave consumers an opportunity to take the product home and experience it? Let’s say for a nominal fee they would deliver the microwave to your house and you could use it for a week to see if it does help your family cook the regular ‘ghar ka khana’ rather than the fancy items most often advertised by the brand. The consumer gets a good amount of time to experience the product, understand the usage and probably even see the difference it can make.

Of course there would have to be some terms & conditions – like the security deposit, a damage clause and other legalities to safe-guard the interest of both the parties. But I am sure things could be worked out and consumers given a chance to experience the product.

So, would you be interested in taking an appliance and trying it out for a few days? What would it be?