Let’s reach for the stars in 2014


2013 comes to an end tonight. The year has been quite a roller coaster ride for me.

Reach for the sky 2014

Towards the end of 2012 I became a father and that was a responsibility which has only got larger in 2013, with little T growing up fast and demanding more of our time and attention. 2014 she will add a few more milestones – the biggest being the start of her schooling.

Mid 2013 I moved back to India after completing 2 years in Kenya. This was a big change and exploring the Indian market for new career opportunities was a tough ride. I had the chance to meet a good set of people who exposed me to some very interesting projects. After much evaluation last month I took on the role at RAPP India [Part of the Omnicom & DDB Mudra Group]. Look forward to exploiting my skill sets to the maximum in 2014 and making this role yet another keystone in my career.

Before moving back to India I am glad to have visited the “must see” Masai Mara of Africa. (Yes, I am yet to publish the photos from that trip). The Easter Break I spent some much needed time away from office and visited family in Bahrain. Little T’s first holiday and it was fun. Back in India we did a few religious trips, spent time with good friends in Gurgaon & visited the family in Kolkata.

The second half of the year gave me a lot of free time to pursue some of my hobbies. I read about 4-5 books in the last few months which after little T’s birth has been quite an achievement. My habit of personal journaling has got a bit more active thanks to the Day One app and I am also writing a bit more in the Moleskine. Like every year I hope I will write more the next year.

What I am really happy about is that after much procrastination and laziness I finally put pen to paper and have written the first few chapters of my diary titled – Life’s Lessons: Some big and some so very important. This is an attempt to train myself to become a Robin Sharma inspired life coach.

There are some changes I would like to adopt in 2014 to help me lead a much more productive, happier and healthier life. But more on that maybe a little later.

As I wind down 2013 would like to wish all my readers, friends & families A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and I do wish you all lots of love, luck & success in 2014. 

To-do for a smarter richer and funnier 2010


The new year party hangover has been tackled. Pics from the crazy night uploaded to facebook. 2010 calendars sit on the desk. Look forward to a smarter, richer and funnier year. Let’s see how.

Read more. [My Shelfari book shelf]

Listen to a new genre of music. Move on from the Hindi film soundtracks and my current list of trance. I don’t know – maybe jazz, piano recitals.

Experience more audio books. I am currently listening to Timothy Ferris – The 4-hour Workweek

Watch/appreciate cinema beyond the block-busters. Also catch up on my pending list of photography related talk-shows and documentaries.

Travel more. See, soak and enjoy new environments.

Exercise the brain – probably start solving Sodoku, play poker.

Re-enter the kitchen – haven’t done this in a while but I know it’s fun and I love it.

Rise and shine earlier in the day. A continuous effort.

Get better at money management. Identify right channels and invest wisely & regularly.

If you enjoyed reading this blog, do check out Robin Sharma’s – 62 WAYS TO MAKE 2010 YOUR BEST YEAR YET.

And of course do share your thoughts in the comments area on how you plan to make 2010 a great year.

Thoughts to usher in the new year


The party is over. The decoration is back in the attic and photos uploaded to facebook. As we walk into the new year I share a few thoughts.

  1. Somethings don’t change. I’ve realised that not everything can be changed as per your wants. So when I hit the wall, I am not going to bang my head against it in the hope of breaking it down. I am going to look around and find an alternative path to move forward. If that fails then I am going to bring in the tools needed to break through the wall.
  2. Voice my opinion. There is nothing worst than not having expressed your opinion at the Right TIME among the Right PEOPLE. So, to hell with that lack of confidence, if I have an opinion I am going to share it – boldly and with complete belief.
  3. Don’t just push, but push the right mountains. There is A PROBLEM and then there IS A ARE MANY solutions. And the winner is one who can identify which given solution will solve the problem.
  4. Not efforts but results will count. This one comes from my boss – “Don’t tell me what you did. Tell me if the objective has been achieved”. Fair enough, in the ruthless jungle we live in, it’s not about efforts but about results (most of the time).
  5. And lastly I will believe this year that a “fit-waistline” is achievable and pregnant men don’t look nice – So I am going to work hard to ensure that little fat tummy is back in good shape.

Did 2008 teach you any lessons, and what are the thoughts that you bring into this New Year. Would love to hear you speak in the comments area.