Thoughts to usher in the new year

The party is over. The decoration is back in the attic and photos uploaded to facebook. As we walk into the new year I share a few thoughts.

  1. Somethings don’t change. I’ve realised that not everything can be changed as per your wants. So when I hit the wall, I am not going to bang my head against it in the hope of breaking it down. I am going to look around and find an alternative path to move forward. If that fails then I am going to bring in the tools needed to break through the wall.
  2. Voice my opinion. There is nothing worst than not having expressed your opinion at the Right TIME among the Right PEOPLE. So, to hell with that lack of confidence, if I have an opinion I am going to share it – boldly and with complete belief.
  3. Don’t just push, but push the right mountains. There is A PROBLEM and then there IS A ARE MANY solutions. And the winner is one who can identify which given solution will solve the problem.
  4. Not efforts but results will count. This one comes from my boss – “Don’t tell me what you did. Tell me if the objective has been achieved”. Fair enough, in the ruthless jungle we live in, it’s not about efforts but about results (most of the time).
  5. And lastly I will believe this year that a “fit-waistline” is achievable and pregnant men don’t look nice – So I am going to work hard to ensure that little fat tummy is back in good shape.

Did 2008 teach you any lessons, and what are the thoughts that you bring into this New Year. Would love to hear you speak in the comments area.