Where the hell is Matt?

Have you seen that VISA ad where this man is seen dancing in various locations across the world? It’s to promote their foreign exchange card.

Can’t see video, click here to watch the VISA tvc.

image Now, the real story. The man you see in there is not just any model they picked and travelled across the world with a camera crew. He is Matt Harding, a 32 year-old-deadbeat living in Seattle. It seems a couple of his home videos attained fame online and those have gone on to inspire more such commercial projects, VISA being one of the most visible. A good example of social media being the seed for a TV commercial rather than the other way round. Shall we see more of these in the coming times?

Matt has a rather interesting and truly luck by chance path to attain the semi-fame he has earned in the last few years. [Read more about Matt at his website: Where the hell is Matt?] And the VISA tvc now makes it even more prominent. But surprisingly the website has no mention of the VISA commercial.

And yes, while you are at youtube – don’t miss watching the spoof “What’s Matt’s girlfriend doing while he is away dancing across the globe”.


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