Reliance delivers a surprise

Unexpected but it’s true. Reliance Communication has given me a little surprise.

Image Courtesy: ~Athena

In October I applied for the WLAN Broadband Internet service from Reliance Communications. After many weeks of waiting the little dish finally arrived but failed to pick up a signal at my house and we gave up. Post this, I had no conversation with the call centre and actually even forgot to call them to ask for the refund of Rs.500 which I paid during registration. I knew it was going to be an endless battle and was hoping I would make the phone call in my free time to go around the circles before I can pin down somebody responsible to hand over the cheque. But I DIDN’T make the call.

I guess I was running through a patch of good luck. Last Wednesday afternoon I actually received the refund cheque from the Reliance Communication Infrastructure office without having made a single phone call to their office.

Anyway’s, guess after all the bashing that it’s been getting I thought this little effort should be noticed and appreciated. Thank you Reliance.


3 thoughts on “Reliance delivers a surprise

  1. what if they now call you and say you got the cheque accidentally and they’d like it back! :O

    but yes, congratulations and this is a shocker.

  2. I beg to differ here. We had the same services with the dish put up and it never worked. So applied for disconnection and requested for the dish to be taken and money refunded. However, inspite of the complaint, a monthly bill kept arriving every month… and the whole process of calling up hassled and worked up and getting falsely assured started, and then the whole cycle starts the next month all over again after the bill arrives yet again. We started recording conversations too… finally told them to forget the refund but at least stop the bills coming in for a service long disconnected… the stupid dish has been taken back but the bills continue coming… this month we chased off the courier guy who came with the bill out of frustration!!!

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