Mumbai Terror Attacks – Links that grabbed my attention

Frantic search for Sabina continues-India-The Times of India
Scary. The last message she sent to her husband – They are in my bathroom”. After which there has been no news from Sabina. As of Friday evening there was no confirmation on what happened to her.

Mumbai Mirror – Terrorists partied before mayhem near Leopold, News – City,Mumbai Mirror
Remorseful with absolutely no soul – the terrorist actually had the nerve to do that. And in a separate incident they shot down the ward boy of the hospital who served them water.

Rediff iShare: Terrorists speaks
The only channel who got a phone call from the terrorists holed up at Oberoi. No other channel mentioned of any telephonic contact with the terrorists at either of the 3 locations.

Shoddy journalism |
Chetan trashes Senior Editor of NDTV – Barkha Dutt for giving out sensitive location based information of the hostages/guests yet stuck in the hotels. Irresponsible reporting.

Google Ads for Terrorism Spotted on Mumbai Stories
A freak case of a keyword mismatch which advertises educational degree in Terrorism.

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One thought on “Mumbai Terror Attacks – Links that grabbed my attention

  1. I have read tweets and blogs talking about Barkha Dutt’s lapse in judgement. But I think it’s very unfair.
    You see, it was ndtv that was sending in feed with a delay sometimes so that they could edit.
    Barkha reported over the phone whenever she felt that they could not show images of where she was so as not to hamper the rescue op.
    Also, enough channels spoke of the NSG being on floor so and so now, sending out a live feed o our strategy. Out of all channels that I saw, NDTV was perhaps least sensationalist. They didn’t have weird graphics or reporters freaking out they were being beamed up by aliens.

    they may have had some lapse in judgement, but NDTV didn’t screw up. Atleast I don’t think so.

    Oh and the “They are in my bathroom” SMS… goosebumps. Hope her family deals with this the best they can.

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