Will peace march & candle light walks help get us solutions?

Politicians murdabad!
Pakistan chor hai
Raj Thackeray kahan hai?
Bharat mata ki jai

These were some of the slogans one could hear amidst the crowds which had gathered at Colaba to participate in the Peace March to pay respect to all those who had lost their lives in the recent Mumbai Terror Attacks.

evil vs. nothing (by kapil_b)

This was also an opportunity to vent their anger, frustration and even a certain sadness that nothing could be done to make our Mumbai city a protected one – after all the terror attacks experienced and the city being on a security alert after numerous threats. People wanted to blame the government for it’s failure. People wanted to express their anger against Pakistan (the terrorists responsible for the act are believed to be Pakistan nationals).

how many do we light? (by kapil_b) change we must (by kapil_b)

Peace March at Gateway of India was just one of the Mumbaikar initiated programs (Twitter Meetup, Human Solidarity Chain) to express their feelings and make their voices heard. But when I heard the slogans I wondered how many knew what exactly was the battle against?

  1. Although the terrorist were Pakistani nationals do we want to believe Pakistan as a state is responsible for the attack? Does the common man in Pakistan also blame India for all terror attacks in their country?
  2. We shouted that politicians are chor, they have failed us? Can we find a better set of people to govern the state? Will the new cabinet appointed for the Maharashtra Government be any good?
  3. Will we give the new government a chance and time to prove their worthiness or will we vote them out in the next election even before their acts lead to some action?
  4. How many of are willing to participate in governing activities or be spokesperson in front of the government officials when they ask us about our problems?
  5. Enough is enough – Well said. We all want change – Again well said. But how many of us know what changes will be required to make the city safer? Let’s understand this is not about securing your 1000 sq. ft apartment or adding more watchmen at the gate to keep your society building protected. This is MUCH MORE.

As an alert and active citizen I say we should all take it up on ourselves to do our bit to maintain vigilance and help the authorities (and even push if necessary) to make the city safer. Let’s ensure that we report unclaimed items, suspicious strangers/activity in our vicinity.

Leaving you with some shots from the evening at Gateway of India.

and with that we shall find a path (by kapil_b)

damn you politicians (by kapil_b)

See more photos from the peace march at flickr.


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  1. eversince, the mumbai attacks indian politicians have been just barking like old dogs, while nothing has materialed against the terrorist outfits. It’s high time india adopts a more creative diplomatic stand of working along with Pak. Remeber, our objective is not to dismantle the Pak govt, but to destroy the terrorist organisations.
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