Photo Post: Mumbai Marathon 2008

My friends told me I was crazy and somebody told me I was foolish. But nevertheless I woke up before sunrise and set out to photograph the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2008. So there I was, all set with my recently acquired Canon Rebel. Unfortunately I had to make do with the 18-55mm lens kit and you’ll see that a lot of the photos needed a good zoom lens. Maybe next time.

The Half-Marathon begins just around sunrise time
Mumbai Marathon 2008 029 (by kapsi)

This year was my first attendance at the Marathon and I must say the spirit, energy and vibrancy is impeccable at the event. People go great lengths – and that’s not only the distance I am talking about but even the effort to be spotted among the thousands around them. The Marathon and Half Marathon is for the serious runners. The Senior Citizens Run and the Wheelchair Event are a show of determination and strength. And for those who want to bask in the limelight of the event need to put their creative hats on for the Dream Run.

Dressed up to get all the attention and maybe a photo in the papers
Mumbai Marathon 2008 181 (by kapsi) Mumbai Marathon 2008 177 (by kapsi) Mumbai Marathon 2008 173 (by kapsi)

Nothing can stop them from keeping Mumbai running
Mumbai Marathon 2008 180 (by kapsi) Mumbai Marathon 2008 099 (by kapsi)

A few things to keep in mind for next year’s event:

  • Come in much earlier than the time of first race so that you can find the right spot and settle in.
  • Visit Aazad Maidan where participants warm-up and rest during the event.
  • Team up with some media photographers so that they can give you access to the media areas for good shots at CST, the starting point.
  • Explore the stretch at Marine Drive where the participants are more spread out giving better focused photo opportunities.
  • Buy/Borrow zoom lens for better close-ups.

More photos of the Mumbai Marathon 2008 at flickr.


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