GTD: Marking my notes

Although I haven’t got a chance to read David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) book I have been a follower from online resources and keep making notes of interesting and useful tips for better productivity.

In recent meetings I have started marking my notes with little brackets like this: [ACTION], [THINK], [FUP], [PA] where FUP=Follow up with client for information, PA=Pro-active thinking required with creative team.

This has been rather useful because when I get back to my desk I can quickly glance through the notes, see the items marked [ACTION] and send off emails to necessary associates. The rest of the notes can wait till I have some more free time on hand for thinking and pro-active initiatives as maybe necessary.

Taking it further I am also thinking of having 2 word documents on my desktop which are titled "thinking" and "pro-active" so that all thoughts collected in the meetings are put in there and looked at every week to see how I can serve the client better.

Let’s see how it goes. Do you have a GTD idea you can share with me? Put your thoughts in the comments area.


3 thoughts on “GTD: Marking my notes

  1. For myself, I use my wikimobile software to store my tasks directly on my mobile phone, and I can affect them to a specific person.

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