Movie Review: Jab We Met

I am not a Kareena Kapoor fan and Jab We Met was not really on my To Watch list. However thanks to some friends I went along and I am glad we watched this film. Nice entertainment is what describes Jab We Met.

Typical and predictable storyline: Stranger boy meets stranger girl. Lots of goof-ups, drama and fun. That’s about it. So what makes things interesting? Some good acting by Kareena in her “main Bathinda ki ladki hoon” role makes for interesting comedy and some really cool fundas of living life to the fullest. For a change her loud acting seemed to perfectly suit the role she was playing. Shahid the rich business tycoon looks amazingly dashing and should make girls go ga-ga with his spectacled looks. Cinematography is another area where I think the film should score some high points. Beautifully shot locations be it Kareena’s family home in Bathinda, the yellow-golden farms or the hills of Manali.

jab we met kareena kapoor shahid kapur

The music is nice and you really don’t need to take a toilet break when they break out for a song. The song, I think Nagada Nagada done at Kareena’s home is a very peppy dance number. Good choreography makes it fun to watch too.

So, to conclude Jab We Met is a family entertainer you don’t mind watching on a Sunday evening to have a good laugh. Enjoy it!

Ashok too reviewed the movie.


One thought on “Movie Review: Jab We Met

  1. yes definitely girls are going ga ga over him worldwide… me included, watched it two months back & I just can’t seem to come back to earth and looks like I never will….so now patiently waiting for his next. He is absolutely smashing..
    And for us girls, the way he has dealt with his break-up has made him into real Aditya Kashyap and now we love not just Aditya Kashyap but the man himself – Shahid Kapoor. He’s a darling and damn h*t… that killer smile & eyes can make u go weak. swooning ……

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