A Moleskine type diary for a lot less

Like me if you love collecting all sort of stationery which includes fancy writing material here is a great diaryThe Monologue by Paper Luxe, which I picked up during our holiday to Singapore.

Monologue PaperLuxe

It has a Moleksine type Italian leather cover, a bookmarking ribbon, an elastic band which holds the diary shut and a little pocket at the back to slip in a few papers if you would like. I have been using for now as a travel diary but as soon as I get some pieces I shall be using them as my daily GTD manager (What is GTD?). Oh, and did I mention that it’s a lot cheaper than the Moleskine and it’s sold in Singapore for about SGD $6 – $7. So if you’re in Singapore you can pick up this little thing from:

Kinokuniya Bookstore- Liang Court Store
7C River Valley Road, #03-50, Liang Court, Singapore 179036
Tel: (65)6337 1300


4 thoughts on “A Moleskine type diary for a lot less

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  2. I got this monologue notebook from one of our local bookstore. But it’s colored black and it is a lot cheaper than Moleskine.I’m also planning to go to Singapore the end of the year and I might check out this bookstore that you mention here. Thank you for sharing and I also love to buy books like these. I can’t write well if my writing paraphanelia doesn’t suits me.

  3. Hey, Vampirevernie thanks for sharing your experience. would be nice if you can also share the store details from where you have bought this diary.

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