MTV gets spanked

A few weeks back the city saw some sexy hoardings put up by MTV. I was amazed at the boldness it showcased. And I was very sure it was hot enough to attract some noise.

MTV Hoarding

It didn’t take very long for the opposition to come in. As reported by Mumbai Mirror the advertisement offended parents of students from Vibgyor High School in Goregaon. And after a bombardment of complaints to the school authorities the hoarding was finally removed.

Now what’s interesting is that MTV didn’t go into a frenzy and have all their hoardings removed to avoid further mess. Instead they played it very smartly and slashed a yellow band across the hoarding saying “MTV GOT SPANKED. TUNE-IN TO SEE WHY”.

mtv got spanked

Smart, on-the-feet thinking by the agency and channel, I believe. Superb!


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