Weekend in Lonavala

Saturday afternoon was crazy. A sudden phone call triggered plans to head to Lonavala with gang of friends to spend the weekend. We dined at Chenab restaurant in Vashi which I had heard had some delicious food – but I was a bit disappointed.

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Next morning we went to Lonavala and after a quick lunch we decided to spend some time at the gaming parlour in Kumar Resort. It’s a fun place and we actually got onto a crazy horse ride game which makes you rock, sweat and burn a hell lot of calories I bet!

horse ride me on the horse ride (by kapsi)

See a small video of Ashish and Samir riding the game.

The drive to Tiger Hills is kind of risky with the steep slopes and sharp curves – you gotta be really careful. And with the monsoon it gets even more difficult due to the fog and resulting low visibility. The weather was excellent.

we at Tiger Hills (by kapsi) water fall at tiger hills foggy evening at Tiger Hills

Tiger Hills is a little ahead of Bushi Dam and its a bit difficult to move around due to the slippery surface and moss all over. We had a few slips although no major accidents, thankfully. It was a weekend well spent.


5 thoughts on “Weekend in Lonavala

  1. Next time your around there ,,, make sure you eat at Sunny Da Dhaba … its about 7 kilometer from lonavala towards karla ,,,

    It is a must gooooooooo!

    Looks like you had fun enjoy !!

  2. Wow! We did this when the rains first started and went driving further up to Amby Valley. I think the view and roads sure beat any scenic place in any country!

  3. Chenab is not that good these days… Definetly need a make over… Instead u can try Tunga Residency ( Nr Center One), Sagar (Abv Navaratna Htl, Sec 17 Vashi), or the best wud be Flavours (Nr Shikhara htl, opp sanpada railway stn)

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