Blog Day 2007

This post is my contribution to Blog Day. Read: What is Blog Day? I am supposed to share 5 blog links which I think are interesting. Here they are.

Blog Day 2007

Indi Ad Rant
Manish is a senior VP at one of India’s leading ad agencies. India Ad Rant is a mash up of agency life, brands, culture, creativity, design and new media epicentred around India!

Aalaap has been a long time internet friend. Although a hard-core technologist he shares his trance/house music recommendations on the blog. Technology also gets a little mention sometimes.

Just another Blog
I met Nandz at the Mumbai Blog party and ever since we have been reading and commenting on each other’s blogs. He writes about internet technology and current internet happenings. Nandz also has a food blog at Foodie for Life.

Melissa Maples
Melissa is an American woman from UK (Mistake Updated) now living in Turkey. She writes about all the fun and different things she discovers during her travels and sometimes she also answers how she does all these things with no money and no job. Melissa also twitters.

A blog less ordinary
Ashok and me met up during my days in MagNet. Ashok is the Enterprise Facilitator of Magnet Technologies, a software technology company based in Mumbai. He writes about his daily life experiences sharing some insights, tips & tricks and Travel Diaries make for some very interesting reading.


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