Book Review: 2000 insults for all occasions Compiled by Louis A. Safian.

I got to read an interesting book – 2000 insults for all occasions Compiled by Louis A. Safian.

This book is best recommended for potty time reading. There are various types of insults categorised into Husbands, Nudist, Blondes, Office and of course the inevitable subjects like Woman and Marriage. You can have some great fun reading this book and before you realize it you will be laughing away. It’s good fun to have a small reading session with friends.

To give you a peek of what’s inside I’ll share a few insults which caught my attention:

  • He married a female x-ray specialist. Nobody else could see anything in him.
  • At seventeen her voice started changing from no to yes.
  • Their marriage is the walkie-talkie type. She’s all talkie, which makes him go for a walkie.
  • They called him Santa Claus. He won’t leave women’s stocking alone.
  • He married his secretary. He thought he could continue to dictate her.
  • His mind is like a defective parachute – it doesn’t open when it should.

And the rocker:

  • They call her WINDOW DRESSER: She never pulls down the shades while dressing.