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thoughts from Chak De India

Last night I watched Chak De! India. Although you know early on that being a Hindi movie, the Indian team HAS to win – its the journey which really keeps you hooked. GO WATCH THIS ONE! I think Nirav took some excellent learnings from the movie and I think one of the big learning which I want to keep in my mind:

Determination is the key for success.


3 thoughts on “thoughts from Chak De India

  1. it’s similar to all accidents happen in the USA..
    all alien invasions/abductions happens in the USA..
    everything happens there..

  2. – “Play to win”
    Participation is important but winning is most important.
    It is not that we cannot win it is just that we didnot believe we could win
    – “you never win a silver , you lose the gold”
    -It is goal,passion,determination, hardwork, that will take you places.
    Believe “I can do it and I will do it”

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