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Sharing flickr photos with non-flickr users

I just uploaded my holiday photos online at flickr! That’s when I noticed a “Share this set” option. It makes things very simple:

  • I can share photos with friends without having them to sign-up on flickr
  • I can share even private photos with someone I may want to share this particular set but not the other private photos from my flickr collection
  • “Share this set” generates a Guest Passkey which I can expire when I want to stop sharing the photos

So photo sharing made even more easier now. BTW, if you are a Yahoo user you can use your Yahoo id to sign in at flickr.


One thought on “Sharing flickr photos with non-flickr users

  1. Luv this feature…. cause i am sick and tired of those nosey ppl who like to nose around in my albums to find out wer I went, wht I did, who is this who is tht blah blah …

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