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Slideshare: Unleashing the Creative Beast

A few days back while browsing around a few blogs, I came across an interesting presentation shared by Tara Hunt of Citizen Agency.

Click here to see the presentation at Slideshare.

Some of the interesting points to take home included:
[Slide 20] How many times do we often get into the mode of saying let’s do something innovative, something clutter-breaking and tend to tread away from the problem solving mission for which we have been engaged by the client.

[Slide 54-55] Myth: Rewards help get good ideas. This was truly an eye-opener to me and I think its worth looking at the negatives of holding a carrot every time you want the team to get creative. Not happening, sir.

[Slide 60] Shares some good silly ideas to give you a jump-start on breeding creativity among the team. So get going.

One very interesting book which I recommend for getting started on creativity is Creative Advertising by Mario Pricken. I have just read a few chapters of this book but I must say it’s worth the price tag.


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