iPhone – I can do with one

apple iphoneWe’ve all been hearing about this big one coming in soon. And now it’s here – Apple’s iPhone. It’s crazy how people go hysterical spending hours in the lines to be the first one to lay their hands on such beauties. What’s the psyche: Me first? See all the crazy things fans are up to – apple shares photos from it’s day one launch across various stores in the US. If you notice the store employees wear an interesting white apple id card in around their necks. Being apple I am sure it’s more than just an id. Anyone been to an apple store?

My uncle sent in this review at engadget and should I say it seems like an impressive piece but it does have it’s little share of problems.

  • There’s no way to cut, copy, or paste text! WHOA! Big, big mistake.
  • Sorry, music can’t be used as a ringtone — even if it’s just a raw MP3. No additional ringtones will be sold at launch.

Nevertheless I think every geek would like to own one. Just like their are alternatives to the iPod, there are to iPhones – but you just want it and really badly. So be nice, think of gifting me one – after all my birthday is less than two months away.

On second thoughts, I was looking at the Palm Treo 700p. This ain’t bad either – maybe my next phone, if Mr. Jobs is not kind enough to bring his iPhone to India by then.

Photo Courtesy: engadget