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flickr cancels paypal option

This is very disappointing. A few hours ago I had some funds credited to my Paypal account. The first thing I was supposed to do was upgrade my flickr to a pro account. When I logged into flickr it seems just a few days back they had stopped accepting payments via Paypal for some freaking crazy reason not mentioned anywhere. Now I am stuck with the funds and no upgrade possibility.

If you know a way to work around this let me know. Better still, if you can gift me a Pro account and I will instead transfer funds via Paypal -  I will love you for that!


3 thoughts on “flickr cancels paypal option

  1. I am giving up on Flickr if they don’t get the PayPal option back. They don’t even support my debit card, so I have no chance. Ahh well, there is still Zooomr… seeing as I have until Aug 28th.

  2. You can pay with Credit Card, but there is no option to pay with Paypal. And it seems that Max’s particular Debit Card is also not supported.

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