Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

I saw Jhoom Barabar Jhoom last night. Although I don’t do popular movie reviews I thought this would be worth sharing because it’s released only last Friday. So a couple of quick thoughts on seeing this movie:

  1. Shaad Ali disappoints on the story line. After a very engrossing Bunty Aur Bubli – JBJ is weak when it comes to keeping the interest levels high.
  2. Music = SAD. I had honestly not heard any songs from the movie except for the title song before it’s release. None of the songs are something which can catch your fancy. They come with funny lyrics like “ticket to hollywood” and “kiss of love” – Is this a desperate attempt to connect with our Indian brothers and sisters in the UK and USA?
  3. Whatever went wrong with jr AB’s dresses? I can understand creative freedom for the big screen but they were in no ways suiting him. The character demanded it? Well maybe…. but not pleasing at all.

Ok, now for some good things: senior AB rocked in the new get-up. The man can carry off anything so smartly I am sure he puts a lot of the young lot to shame when it comes to adaptability. Shaad’s obsession with Delhi is once again evident from a very beautifully shot (but nonsensical) song “Bol Na Halke Halke”. The clothes, cars, camera work was wonderful. The location hunting team did a wonderful job whether it was the waterloo station or the streets of London and even the so beautiful Paris. And yes, don’t forget to notice the huge green car which AB and Hanif Bhai ride on the streets of London.

My Suggestions: They could have got a much better performer to do “Hanif Bhai’s” role – it demanded more justice.  Also I think the 2 minute on-screen chemistry between AB and Bobby Deol was interesting – Maybe some director should cast them together in a laugh-riot comedy.

PLUS: During the interval we also got to see the cinema trailor of Yash Raj Film’s next big release – Chakde! India. I thought I would write about it but then this article sums it up pretty well.