Kebab Korner: Freaking Expensive

A few days back we celebrated my sister’s birthday at Kebab Korner in Hotel Intercontinental on Marine Drive. This is an old-time favourite restaurant of Mumbai city when Intercontinental was called Hotel Natraj.

The start itself was bad, we literally had to beg them for a table because it seems their most popular and busy day is Tuesday (Fair enough). We had a 9PM table but didn’t make it till 9.10 and bang comes the phone call “Maam, would you be coming in as you have a reserved table”. We thought to ourselves wow that’s a very busy place they called to check on. Guess what? when we reached there not more than 4 tables were occupied and the place wore a dead look.

kebab korner mumbai

Anyways we got around to ordering when we realised the place was freaking expensive. Vegetarian starters were priced at an average of Rs.400 and non-veg was about Rs.500. We enjoyed the Murgh Afghani and realised that the vegetarian food was strictly OK and only the non-veg was worth it. The special KK paratha was a bit hard and not so buttery if you were to ask me. The papad comes FREE and in a very interesting rolled format.

Before I left I couldn’t resist myself but to have a word with the manager and tell him about the high-handed attitude which was shown in spite of a rather low occupancy. He apologised and even offered his business card if I may need to ever make any bookings in the future.

However my final verdict: Not a place worth the money it charges. I would say this place is for corporate client entertainment only – and that too if you plan to eat the chicken/meat.

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Image courtesy: Sebastian Zachariah