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Microsoft Office Bus

If you live in one of the major cities of India, you’ll know that most office-goers have a tough time commuting between office and home. Either you get squeezed in public transport or the pain of driving through the traffic wants you to leave the car home and hop into a cab. But here is what Microsoft seems to have done for their employees in China. A special bus which ferries them.

Microsoft Office bus china

Microsoft Office bus china

Microsoft Office bus china

What a great way to extract maximum employee’s time…

  • I am sure the bus is a FREE service which many employees would like to opt for – which means all those on the bus reach office in time
  • Computers in the bus ensure the employees get a head start and can finish off routine jobs to keep time for more important things when in office
  • Traveling with the office colleagues, especially if you don’t interact with them helps form new work relationships and know what’s happening elsewhere in the workplace
  • This way employees seek help from others, know about work opportunities across other departments
  • And if you happen to work together on a project – the morning gives you a great way to finish you status meeting!

However on a personal level, I was wondering I may actually not enjoy such a bus ride. When I travel I like to mentally run through the day and make important notes which I later look at once in office. Traveling is also a good time to catch up on some reading and now with podcasts and audio books you can even spend time doing that.


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  1. Can you tell me what is the cost of this microsoft office bus in china?
    Also some technical specs of the bus?

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