Bloggers party too!

If you thought only Page 3 parties and film premier parties had their dose of celebrities – then boy you surely are mistaken. Welcome to the blogger’s party. Yes, for all those people who think blogging is a geeky subject then you must attend one of the blog meets – you’ll be surprised to meet some superstars, great dancers and also a bunch of big drinkers!

The blog party organized at Seijo, Bandra by the super team of Sakshi and Melody was indeed a well planned event. All those who went there surely appreciated the efforts put in to muscle a great deal off the place and also the immense popularity the girls share online which brought in such a good number of bloggers under one roof.

A few moments which Sakshi was kind enough to share with me … (more photos here and here).

blog party3 (by kapsi)

blog party1 (by kapsi)

blog party2 (by kapsi)

A few interesting bloggers I chatted up with included: Roshan, Aditya (Indicast), Saurabh, Lavanya, Jigar and a set of lawyers who said they bitched about the world on their blogs. One common thing about them all was (except Aditya maybe) that they publish personal blogs with random rumblings and nothing thematic.

That’s a few more additions to my ever growing Google Reader list. Only wish I could get some more free time to check them more often. Before I end two interesting notes for my blogger friends out there – Read: 50 signs you’re a blogaholic.

And the worst sign… (From Mumbai Mirror)
bizarro comic


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