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The one minute movie

I am in office waiting for some creatives to get ready for tomorrow morning’s meeting. Meanwhile I hit upon a good article by Ajit Balakrishnan at his Rediff iLand. Although he talks about the return of the “one minute movies”, the post hits upon some rather interesting stuff like:

  • Their first screening of films to a paying public happened in 1895, at Paris’s Salon Indien du Grand Café, and their first film, hold your breath, was of 45 seconds duration. Titled, “Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory.”
  • How the term “blockbuster” came about in existence.
  • And how we are going to find viewers in new movie watching situations like bus-stops, elevators and maybe even in the loo while you take a leak.

Wow, how cool would this be – sitting on the pot in a public loo you maybe exposed to the latest constipation medicines in the market. 😉