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Sunil Mittal: The wireless wonder

I just read a very interesting article on CNN Money tracing the success of India’s Wireless Wonder – Mr.Sunil Mittal. Impressive I must say. What really inspires me when reading about these successful people is the struggle they go through fighting off every battle with great determination. One also notices that success lies in tapping into opportunities which come across you.

However something made me a bit uncomfortable when Mr.Mittal says: “It’s very hard for two Indians to partner well,”. This I am not too sure if holds any merit, although I couldn’t think of any large partnerships I am sure a lot of businesses depend on great partners for their growth and success. Do you know of any such partnerships in India?

business_maharajas.jpgGoing back to success stories, I recently blogged about Mukesh Ambani. And many years back when I was in college I read Business Maharajas by Gita Piramal which at that age was very inspiring. Although I can’t remember a lot about this book, it’s worth a read even today in the times of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.


2 thoughts on “Sunil Mittal: The wireless wonder

  1. We have live example of a great business house having Indian partners – Infosys…

  2. That’s a very interesting name you throw up there. Can you help us know a little more about the kinds of partnerships they have?

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