Movie Review: American Pie Presents – The Naked Mile

american pie naked mileLast night was crazy, I picked up the hilarious slice of American Pie, served up Stifler-style in American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile! And what is this Naked Mile? Well, after the exams students (supposedly to let off their steam) gather around the campus and run a mile NAKED. Call that cool or rather hot, go watch it for yourself. I won’t say it lived up to the first two series of American Pie movies which I had seen earlier, but this one has it’s own fun and sexy elements inter spread through the movie. Yes, this was the unrated/ uncensored version so it was even sexier than the trailer you should see online. The characters are new and except for Eugene Levy (Jim’s Dad) I didn’t see anyone from the earlier series.

When I was watching the series I really wondered if American campus life had so much of sex filled in or was it just like the Hindi movies shown over the top for entertainment purposes. Maybe my friends who lived on the campus can enlighten us to share their naked mile runs. Anybody?

So if you’re going to be spending a boring night at home, I suggest you go and pick this one – surely not for family viewing, beware!

Enjoy the trailer of American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile