Movie update

Last weekend I had to stay indoors to nurse my sick granny. With nothing much to do when she was resting, I spent some good time trying to catch up on my un-watched list of movies. Two flicks knocked off.

  • Stealth – A total sci-fi movie, this one made for some interesting visual and special effects appeal. The plot somehow gets you thinking, what if there was actually a day when machine became more powerful than the human mind. Also will we ever be able to build in emotion into the minds of a mahcine? Reminded me of a Robin Williams movie Bicentennial Man.
  • Zinda – This Sanjay Dutt starrer is a very dark movie indeed, not only is the art direction “dark” in it’s literal words – the only little colour I think I saw was when Sanjay and Lara Dutta checked into the hotel while on the run. That time it was a red background room or else the movie is total blacks, greys and silvers. I think it was a well-done movie, but for the core of the movie – John’s motive could just be a little more stronger and that would make it more effective. But all said – Mr.Gupta seemed to have done a nice job on this one.

And there is more to catch up on. I am yet to see Basic Instinct 2 from my other day’s list. And there is one more DVD which I have borrowed – B13. Need another relaxed weekend.


One thought on “Movie update

  1. Kapil, all Mr. Gupta has done is picked up a Korean hit movie called ‘Oldboy’ and copied it frame to frame! The only thing he changed in the movie was the motive… which as you pointed out, seemed a little weak.
    It was well-made… but then it was copied fully

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