Kapil is hooked

Friends, last week was a very important week in my life. I got engaged to my child-hood sweetheart. It was a very thrilling moment to finally reach the day for which we had been waiting so long.

I was glad that my family and close friends were around to witness this union of love and give us their best wishes and blessings.

Marriage is scheduled for August and we look forward to the celebrations. I am expecting my cousins from Middle East to join us and have a blast.

Meanwhile at home, the families have got busy preparing the upcoming event which should be a first for both the families. When you are in the “hot seat” you realize that there is so much planning and detailing which goes into making the wedding a smooth affair.

Personally, I feel a lot more responsible as I begin this new chapter of my life and take on a life partner with me. So help me lord!


5 thoughts on “Kapil is hooked

  1. Dear Kapil & Nitika

    This is the happiest 4th May of my life 🙂
    May God shower you’ll with Happiness and May all your dreams come true

    Best of Luck !!!!!!!!!


  2. Congratulations!

    Good luck with the planning of the wedding and I wish you happiness with your marriage.


  3. I know I am late but the wishes are as sincere. Congratulations on getting hooked!! I hope you are enjoying this phase of being a fiance 🙂

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