Me, missing?

No, I have been around – just that work and personal front has been very hectic. On the personal front, my marriage plans are almost getting finalized – should be around mid-year. So finally kapilb will be hooked. Since then it’s been a frenzy – lots of planning, shopping and of course meeting the in-laws, relatives etc. I also realized I was not a very high-energy shopper. I was almost exhausted after trying a few clothes and that was about it – No more for the day please. But with a busy work week, it gets very difficult not to do preparations on the Sundays, so I don’t have much of an option.
Work has been crazy too – Sunday was yet another day when I had to come into office and review some files before they went out for the final print job. Phew! we had been working on this particular brochure for so long that we were thrilled when we sent out the final CD for printing. With this, two of my major projects have come to an end and I am glad they have been good (financially for the company and personally I have learnt a lot more).

Of course in all this mess, I did get a chance to catch the hottest flick in town – Rang De Basanti. I am so glad I could see this movie so early since it’s release. I recommend every youth to see this movie. It brings about the spirit of partiotism in a very new face which I think we identify with. I have never been so found of patriotic themed films unless they came with a powerful star cast (Mangal Pandey) or a strong production team. But I think this one had to be different, very nicely treated and I would give it about 4 stars ****.