Buggy issues

About a month now since I moved my blog to the WordPress platform. A couple of issues which I have been trying to resolve but don’t seem to get the correct solution.

Post Time Stamp
I have set it to UTC +5.30 but yet does not give me the correct India Time Zone. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Image Uploads
I wanted a simple extension which can help me quickly insert images in the post without the hassle of ftp or using flickr album. I tried using Transloader but it didn’t work for me. There is no “Allow file upload” option for me in the Admin section under Miscellaneous and I keep getting error “The admin has disabled this function”. Although the plugin has been activated. Any suggestions?

Delayed Comment E-mails
I am not getting a timely delivery of comments made at the blog. There is almost a more than one delay before I get the comment by e-mail after it’s been posted. I track my Comments RSS from bloglines so I can see the comment there immediately but there is a long delay before it appears in my Inbox. I don’t do any comment moderation so I am trying to figure what the problem is.