My Yahoo! could do better

I have completed about a year now, blogging and reading other blogs. It’s been a shift from using RSS readers to using the simple plain My Yahoo! RSS collector. It helps keep a tab on the updates at the various blogs I read and yet gives me the option to read the posts in their blog environments rather than a stripped version which most RSS readers provide.

And then on the other hand I use Blogrolling to keep the blog list updated at my own blog. Now since I log into My Yahoo! everyday I tend to tweak and refresh the list a lot more as compared to the one at blogrolling. Which kind of makes it a little boring since I have to go about doing the same edits in blogrolling as I have done in My Yahoo! I really wish Yahoo could come up with an Export feature which generates a file with all my bookmarked blogs. I could then very well just go to blogrolling and import the same. Would make it so much easier.

While I am at the wish list mode – let me ask for one more. Could we have a simple reminder everytime we made a comment at some blog which could notify us if there were anymore responses to the post. Many a times I leave comments at blogs I visit randomly but rarely do I bookmark them all or even remember to go back and take a “dekho” if the author replied. Word of advise: Not replying to comments made on your blog, is something like giving out your phone number and then not wanting to pick the calls. So now you know, if you comment I will reply 🙂