It’s getting perfect now

I am no professional photographer. But thanks to colleagues at work and boss himself I get a lot of expert tips and guidance on better photography. Recently I was introduced to understanding the Manual mode of my Canon. It has been rather interesting to play with the aperture and shutter speeds. I haven’t been able to get a real tech-down into the subject. But what I did realise was that playing with the settings and assigning them to certain combinations helped me get some really well exposed photos. I hate using the flash most of the times, unless the situation really calls for some light but otherwise I like to work without the blaring light. I have been able to change the intensity of flash in the Manual mode which has kind of helped.

Finally the other night I was at a shopping mall and trying my hand getting some good shots, I looked at this really sexy poster as a back-drop at the jewellery section. With no one to disturb me around that area, I took about 6 shots with the manual settings and was able to finally get a “perfectly exposed” photo as I would like to call it. How do I define that?

Well, from whatever little I understand using my simple Canon A510 I believe if your aperture and shutter have been set to such that the camera shows the exposure meter at +/- O on the top-left corner before you make the final click – It means the photo has been perfectly exposed. Of course the experts may have lots to tell me on that, but hey I am learning and will get to the depth of this. Meanwhile I leave you with the perfect photo and also a technical report if you’re interested.

My Perfect Shot
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