King of Comedy

Too much is written about the Indian Laughter Challenge. So I am going to talk of comedy from across the border. This evening, I got a yet another chance to view the King of Comedy – Umar Sherif, this man is a very popular face on the Pakistani comedy plays. I have been a great fan of his since I was about 8-10 years old. Considering I didn’t understand the Urdu or even the excellent hindi they use in their play, at that age too I toppled with laughter (So says my mom).

With nothing much to do on this Sunday evening, Pankaj came over with some of his DVD collection and we choose to watch the Comedy King. It kind of takes a good while before you can actually start enjoying him. Some of the characters are rather loud in his play. But his one-liners and dialogue delivery is hilarious. He makes comedy look so natural on-stage rather than make it sound very scripted. What I really admire about stage actors is the ability to twist the script incase of a dialogue slip or scene cut. If you really want to see some of his good shows, here is a recommendation:

  • Budda Ghar Pay Hai
  • Bakra Qiston Pay (I & II)
  • Bakra Munna Bhai M.B.B.S
That ends another weekend and tomorrow starts yet another week of client nagging 🙂