Got me addicted

This post was supposed to go online on Wednesday. But thanks to a crazy work schedule and a terrible Internet set-up at work I have just not been able to login and do work on the Internet. It’s been a very hectic week; suddenly the work scene and social life both seem to be in a full swing – lots of dinners, parties and movies. And then there was something which got me very disappointed.

Orange (my mobile phone service provider) is going to charge me Rs.49/month for GPRS/MMS services. Compared to what I pay now at Rs.99/month this is going to be a good thing but it’s even worst because 99 bucks was unlimited usage and unlimited MMS. Now at Rs.49 I will be charged Rs.3/MMS. What the ***k!

I was just getting used to this lovely thing called MMS and now then came the hefty charge. So it’s going to be bye-bye to my Mobile Blog and also friends don’t get to see/hear from me so often.

Guess there is some marketing strategy to be learnt from it. Orange promoted their MMS services with contests etc. – A complete user experience. Users would have been addicted, MMS would be eating away a great deal of their bandwidth and that’s when they must have thought, time to hit the axe and get people paying up for it. And it’s going to work. You are addicted, you love sending out those photos, those sweet little voice recordings – But now you are going to be CHARGED.

This leaves me with only one thought …………. What if tomorrow morning you got up to see that your e-mail service provider was going to charge you a fee for every e-mail you will send out? Scary? Share your thoughts.