Blood Sucking Aliens

Q: What’s your perfect Sunday like?
A: Mine is a Sunday where I get up and report to work after a late night movie show.
Gotta be kidding? No, I am not. I went for War of the Worlds last night and then came into work on a Sunday. God Damn! But hey it wasn’t so bad, since the client was coming in only past noon, so I could get my share of the Sunday morning sleep and also a tummy-full breakfast.
Talking about War of the Worlds. What in the god’s name was this movie going to be all about? After Minority Report I was throughly disppointed seeing this one. Spielberg could have done some more scripting and the climax a little more intelligent. And what about snatches from other movies. The ship sinking (Titanic) the robotic arm scanning (Minority Report) Alien looks (Aliens, ET). Although this has been a bhel-puri of sorts I think the visuals were brilliantly done. Specially scenes where people are blown away into dust. The close-up shots of the blood-sucking aliens.
My final comment: Watcth this one for the sheer entertainment and full-tension through the movie.