Ok, this post was supposed to be my weekend post but thanks to a busy weekend this just got pushed into this week. A wedding and a long over-due coffee conversation took up most of my weekend. And yes, I was working full Saturday (No more holidays in the AD World).

Saturday was interesting because I attended my first “Screwdriver” at work. This is basically a monthly forum where the entire team gathers to discuss work, projects, trends, news and other things which we don’t connect over during the normal course of work. It also let’s everyone know what kind of work the agency is doing. Besides this we also do some learning on advertising fundas and big boss pushes some “gyaan” into our heads. Now, the last part of this session is interesting. Let me explain why 🙂

It’s called the Time Bomb section. Big Boss gives a product, brand and a proposition which needs to be communicated by any kind of medium (Print, TV, Radio etc.) The team then has to come up with a concept idea for that within 7 minutes. Holy Shit! But guess what? My concept ended up being in the Top 3 for that afternoon. Yes, BRAG BRAG! Of course I didn’t win the coveted time bomb trophy (look at pic). But it’s great to be appreciated at your first training session.

I learnt that the Screwdrivers are most often followed by a treat of snacks and tea (courtesy generous big boss) . I also spent a good time of my Saturday trying to pick music from the Office library for the party happening later in the week at my place. Hey, why don’t you give me some tips on having great parties at home with friends?

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